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The orthodontic treatment in adult periodontal patients: from biologyto clinical concepts

le 10/02/2022 • Prof. Dr. DANIELE CARDAROPOLI

15 :30 Welcoming
16 :00 to 19:00 : The orthodontic treatment in adult periodontal patients: from biology to clinical concepts
19:30 : Cocktail following the conference

Advanced periodontitis may be characterized by the formation of infrabony defects adjacent to pathologically migrated teeth. In such cases, the orthodontic-perio deontic interdisciplinary approach is an option. Literature supports tooth movement into infrabony defects aiming to defect closure, bone fill and possibly new attachment formation. Augmentation procedures also can be added. During the lecture, implications for orthodontic movement into infrabony defects will be addressed. The treatment of periodontal patients with tooth migration may require a combined periodontal and orthodontic therapy. The possibility of moving teeth into infrabony defects will be discussed, focusing on the rationale, timing and biological implications.
Management of soft tissues and the benefit added from the concomitant use of augmentation procedures will also be addressed. Educational objectives: Understand indications and the
proper treatment sequence in combined perio-ortho treatment, discuss the basic science and clinical evidence regarding intrusive tooth movement into infrabony defects, learn how to clinically manage periodontal tissues before, during and after orthodontic therapy.


  • Doctor in Dentistry and Certificate in Periodontology at the University of Torino.
  • Adjunct Professor in Periodontology at the University of Catania.
  • Scientific Director of PROED – Institute for Professional Education in Dentistry, Torino.
  • President of the Giuseppe Cardaropoli Foundation for Research and Care in Periodontology. Active Member of the Italian Society of Periodontology (SIdP), the European Federation of Periodontology (EFP), the Italian Academy of Osseointegration (IAO) and the Academy of Osseointegration (AO).
  • Fellow ITI (International Team for Implantology).
  • International Member of the American Academy of Periodontology (AAP).
  • Winner of the “Henry M. Goldman” Award for the Clinical Research at the 11th National
  • SIdP Congress and the National Award in Clinical Orthodontics at the 18th International SIDO Congress.
  • Member of the Editorial Board for The International Journal of Periodontics and Restorative Dentistry and The International Journal of Oral Implantology.
  • Author of more than 30 articles published on peer-reviewed international journals, he signed the chapter “Seeking the Optimal Aesthetic Result in the Maxillary Anterior” in the textbook “Implant Therapy: Clinical Approaches and Evidence of Success”, Eds Nevins M. & Wang H.L. (Quintessence Publishing, 2019).
  • Editor of the textbook “Soft Tissues and Pink Esthetics in Implant Therapy” (Quintessence Publishing, 2019). Private practice in Torino, Italy.