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Vertical Ridge Augmentation with GBR

le 14/12/2023 • Liliana Da Silva

Vertical Ridge Augmentation with GBR

Vertical bone augmentation presents as one of the greatest biologic defiance of bone regeneration
in oral surgery and implant dentistry.
Guided Bone Regeneration is a very technique-sensitive but proven for such bone augmentation.
When the right indications, materials and techniques are used the desired bone augmentation can
be achieved with good long-term results.
Precise surgical flap advancement and closure techniques as well as postoperative management
are some of the critical details to prevent bone graft complications and predictably achieve success.
This presentation will update the clinician about vertical ridge augmentation in extreme vertical
defects using polytetrafluoroethylene (Ptfe) membranes.

Biography : Prof. Liliana Silva

Dr. Silva received her DDS degree from Faculty of Dental Medicine, Oporto University, Portugal in 2002.

She was a Researcher invited for the Program in Pathological Anatomy and Oncobiology at St. John Hospital and Institute of Pathology and Molecular Immunology of Oporto University- I.P.A.T.I.M.U.P. (1999-2000). After DDS graduation, she was invited to collaborate in Oral Surgery graduate program at Oporto University, Portugal (2002-2007).

Dr. Silva has a private practice in Aveiro, Portugal.

She concluded a Program in Implant dentistry at Santiago de Compostela University School of Medicine and Dentistry, in Santiago de Compostela, Spain (2008-2009).

Dr. Silva completed an Advanced Surgical Master Curriculum, mastered by Professor Istvan Urban, in Regenerative Implant Dentistry at University of Szeged, Faculty of Dentistry and Urban Regeneration Institute, Hungary (2017).

She accomplished an Advanced Soft Tissue around teeth and implants Curriculum: from diagnosis to the surgical treatment, mastered by Professor Giovanni Zuchelli, Liptingen, Germany (2018-2019).

Dr. Silva is performing a PhD degree in Bone Regeneration, from 2021 until present, at Faculty of Dental Medicine and Laboratory for bone Metabolism, Oporto University.

Dr. Silva is an invited speaker internationally in the field of Implant Dentistry and Bone Regeneration.

Recently, Dr. Silva has become an invited professor at the Department of Oral Surgery at the Faculty of Dental Medicine, Oporto University, Portugal.