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Stage IV (severe) periodontitis: diagnosis, treatment, and possibilities for restoring oral functions.

du 20/09/2023 au 20/09/2023 • Lior Shapira

Stage IV (severe) periodontitis:  diagnosis, treatment, and possibilities for restoring oral functions.

Stage IV periodontitis is the most severe form of periodontal disease.   Patients with stage IV periodontitis, diagnosed using the 2018 classification, share the severity and complexity found in patients with stage III, such as severe attachment loss, inflammation, and deep pockets.  However, those cases also include important anatomical and functional sequelae (tooth flaring and drifting, bite collapse, etc.) and, most important, tooth loss.  The treatment should consist of the traditional "Steps 1-3" of periodontal therapy (Herrera et al. 2022) as in Stage 1-3 periodontitis, but requires additional multidisciplinary interventions to meet the particular demands of this severe stage of the disease.  In these patients, rehabilitation of function, restoration of masticatory comfort and treatment of secondary occlusal trauma, and restoration of the vertical dimension of the occlusion are also necessary and need to be planned a-priori and implemented simultaneously or after steps 1–3 of therapy.  Treatment of the functional sequelae may include control of tooth mobility, orthodontic therapy, and tooth/implant-supported rehabilitations. 

What is the sequence of treatment for such cases?  What is the best timing for orthodontic treatment?  What is the preferred prosthetic treatment?  During the presentation, we will discuss optional treatment strategies for Stage IV clinical cases, based on the evidence derived from the EFP systematic reviews and the EFP's recent S3-level clinical practice guideline.

15 :30 Welcoming
16:00 to 17:30 : Stage IV (severe) periodontitis
18:00 to 19:00 : Postgraduate program in Periodontology ULiège
                                 EFP thesis defense EFP examiner : Prof. Lior Shapira): Gilles Szotek and Samuel Hazout
20:00 : Proclamation & Cocktail


Biography : Prof. Dr. Lior Shapira

Prof. Lior Shapira (DMD, Ph.D.) is a Professor and Chairman of the Department of Periodontology at the Hebrew University- Hadassah Faculty of Dental Medicine, Jerusalem.  He serves as the “Betty and D. Walter Cohen Chair for Periodontal Research”.  Prof. Shapira was the President of the European Federation of Periodontology (EFP, 2021-22), and the President of the Israeli Society in 2001.  Within the EFP, Prof. Shapira was the Deputy-Chair, Scientific Affairs Committee (2016-2018), EFP Executive committee member (2018-2023), and EFP Press Officer.  Today he serves as the Scientific Chair of Euro-Perio 11, 2025.

Prof. Shapira graduated dentistry and a Specialty in Periodontology from the Dental Faculty at the Hebrew University, Jerusalem, followed by a 2-year fellowship at the University of Rochester, NY.

Throughout his career, Prof. Shapira has had a long track record in dental research.  His research focuses on inflammation mechanisms during periodontal and peri-implant infections.  He published over 170 scientific papers.  The research efforts were invested in understanding the phenomenon and mechanisms in inflammatory cells responding to pathogens at the cellular and molecular levels.

International awards: Teva award, 1996; Rizzo Award - IADR periodontal research group, 1999; Finalist in the “Jaccard-EFP Research Price Competition”, 2000, 2022;  Sunstar Award, 2003; IADR Distinguish Scientist Award in Periodontal Research – IADR, 2009;  Honorary Award from the Israeli Dental Association, 2020.

Editorial boards: Currently, Prof. Lior Shapira is serving on the editorial boards of The Journal of Clinical Periodontology and The Journal of Periodontology.